✓ Main unit with 21,5” High Resolution LCD Color Monitor Rotatable: -90°~90°, Foldable : 0°~90°
✓ 4 Transducer Connectors
✓ 4D Package & Virtual HD Software
✓ 500GB Hard Disk, DVD-R/W, 6 USB Port
✓ Imaging Modes: B, 2B, 4B, B/M, B/C, CFM, PW, Power Doppler /Directional PD
✓ Chroma B & M & PW Full Screen
✓ Instant Triplex, Duplex, Quadplex, Trapezoidal
✓ Super Image Module : Multiple Compound Imaging, SRA ( Speckle Reduction Algorithm ), FHI
✓ Automatic PW Trace and Measurement in Real Time
✓ Q image, X-contrast, Q-beam, Q-flow (intelligent image optimization)
✓ Measurement & Calculation Software Package: General, OBGYN, Cardiac
✓ Color Doppler Package:
Elastography, Curved Panoramic Imaging, Super Needle, 2D steer, IMT, DICOM 3.0
✓ MI/TI < 1

Transfer Data Via Bluetooth / Wireless

✓ Cardiac Package :
ECG License, CW, Free Steering M Mode, Color M Mode, TDI,Stress Echo

Image Quality SG9P CD 4D Live (HD)

Probe Option SG9P CD 4D Live (HD)

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