PT Setia Manggala Abadi is the provider of Ultrasound machine certified CDAKB (How to distribute medical devices well) from ministry of health.  PT Setia Manggala Abadi has exprienced since 1994 in the field of USG



Expanding the office building for the convenience of teamwork professionalism, in order to optimize after-sales service to all consumers according to our commitment since 1994.

2015 Until Now

USG SOGATA obtained a certificate from the Ministry of Health as a provider of medical devices that passed the CDAKB Certificate (Good Method of Distribution of Medical Devices).

USG SOGATA also participated in the Service for Examination and USG 1000 pregnant women with POGI West Java Korwil V Cirebon.


It’s a pride for us in acquiring patent intellectual right for the SOGATA brand. (High Quality Product)

1994 - 2013

PT Setia Manggala Abadi officially established by Mr. Setiawan Sudharma since 2003. PT Setia Manggala Abadi started as PD Setia Medika in the year 1994 and engaged in medical devices specifically ultrasound. Mr. Setiawan Sudharma has ever been the best marketing and sub dealer in ultrasound company in Jakarta, Indonesia.


The most successful company in the medical devices field and continues to improve the welfare of the company’s employees


PT. Setia Manggala Abadi is a company engaged in the field of medical devices that is supported by a reliable team in providing the best service. We promote medical devices technology in order to increase the service quality of doctors to patients in the health field.

Our consumers are doctors who are always ready and happy to face changes in medical device technology in accordance with the times.



We commit to the vision, mission, culture and the success of the company in the present and future.


We are fully responsible and have a high sense of ownership of all actions we’ve done in our life. We need to change ourselves first in order to change others.


We always appreciate and give rewards for all the working team and customer with positive mind, calm, gratefulness, care, and smile. Services is part of our live.


We always talk positively to our fellow consumer team. We don’t do gossip or listen to it. We are fully responsible for our sayings and always give greetings by name to anyone. We always apologize first and find a solution.


We always follow the system. If differences occur and do not match with the system, we will still follow the system completely till the latest one is introduced. We keep our system and innovation perfect continuously.


We take lessons from mistakes and are consistent in our actions so that our consumers and teams will feel comfortable. We are disciplined in the work we do resulting a rapid, successful, and consistent outcomes.


We are team players and leaders. We do everything in terms of cooperation also searching for solutions in achieving goals. We are easy at adapting with work and we can change our working styles if it doesn’t fit with the team. We will ask for help when we need it and patiently answer the one who are in need.


We give exactly what we promised with all our sould and body (integrity). If something goes wrong, we will immediately solve it.

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